Guide to Fairy Lights

Published: 16th December 2011
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Fairy lights were first invented in their primitive form in 1882 using large red, white and blue incandescent lights connected by a wire, created by Edward H Johnson in New York, USA. Since then, their design has of course evolved over the years and today they are as beautiful as they are energy efficient. They come in a huge range of styles and designs from net curtains to icicle lights, battery operated lights to rope lights and can be available for both indoor and outdoor areas. LED fairy lights offer the most in terms of energy efficiency. They donít lose nearly as much energy producing heat as traditional filament bulbs do. This means that your electricity bill remains low when fairy lights are in use. They are extremely long lasting too. LED fairy lights donít just last for years, many have proven to last decades. Fairy lights are perfect for decorating the home and garden and battery operated lights mean no power supply is necessary. Using them, you can easily create beautiful displays throughout your home.

Fairy lights have long been used to decorate parties and venues, however they can also be used effectively in the home. The garden in particular can greatly benefit from their use. For example, you can purchase battery operated fairy lights to light areas where no power supply is present. They can be wrapped in the branches of trees to create a starry canopy. They can be used to light an outdoor seating area - simply turn on when the area is in use and switch off when you head back inside. Far from being just something to use on occasion or at a party, fairy lights in the home or garden can be used all year round.

Spotlights can be used to highlight certain features in the garden. Rope lights can be used to wrap around the trees and strings of lights can be hung against the house. There are so many ways you can use fairy lights to turn your outdoor space or garden into a beautiful space in which to relax or entertain. Inside the house fairy lights can be used as the main source of lighting in the evening. A net curtain hung on the wall or over the window in the sitting room will not only look impressive, but it will provide the ideal mood lighting perfect for the evening.

Fairy lights are fantastic for decorating childrenísí bedrooms. Aside from looking fun and colourful, they work as brilliant night lights giving off a warm glow without making the room too bright. Fairy lights make fantastic Christmas decorations too. They of course can be used to decorate a tree, but they can also be used to highlight a mantelpiece, be strung up around the rooms of the home and even wrapped around the banisters of the stairs. Once Christmas is over you wonít want to take down your fairy light decorations! Many people choose in fact to keep them up all year round because they look so good. Battery operated fairy lights are particularly good to use because they can be placed anywhere and everywhere even in places without a plug socket. One example is they can be used to help create decorations for the dinner table. Imagine using pine cones and holly to create a beautiful centrepiece for the Christmas table. What could be better than using some battery operated fairy lights within it to really make it stand out? You could also use them in wreaths created for the front door at Christmas time. The trick is to get creative when using fairy lights and see what exciting and creative looks you can come up with. They are easy to use and totally safe.

There are so many wonderful ways you can use fairy lights in the home and garden. They work as decorations, as lighting or as highlights for certain features. You can enjoy getting creative and create magical spaces both inside and out using battery lights. Make sure you use only lights that have been designed for outside when decorating the garden. Using indoor lights would be dangerous. Choose decorative net lighting or any other kind of fairy lights and see what works best in your home. Experiment with different ideas to find a solution that looks good and provides the atmosphere you are looking for.

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