Eight of the Best Ideas for Hiding Covert Cameras

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Published: 04th January 2012
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Today, some security cameras are wearable while others are fixed. Those that are wearable are put as part of your dressing making it almost impossible to see them with the naked human eye. The fixed covert cameras are fixed on very common object, such as a pen, a pen holder or a picture frame. Here are ten of the most creative ways of hiding surveillance cameras.

On your tie

An example of this is the wired super stealth hidden neck tie camera. Although the hidden camera is nearly undetectable in this wired neck tie camera it is positioned to give one a commanding view without being detected.

On a clothes button

An example of this is the wired monochrome hidden button camera. This button is easy to put on, easy to operate and easy to point the wired black and white hidden button camera where you want. It fits into both casual and formal environments. A major advantage of this button camera the video and power cables can be easily concealed under clothing.

On your glasses

With this idea, you can have covert glasses camera with built in DVR giving you hands free recording anytime and anywhere. In addition to the internal memory that such surveillance cameras come with, you can also expand their memory according to your needs. Hidden DVR has real time recording at 30 frames per second, 320x240 resolutions, a rechargeable battery that has a 90 minute continuous run time, and accepts micro SD cards up to 8 GB for even more recording time and easy storage of recorded video. Quickly offload video directly to your PC with the included USB cable.

On your jacket

By using colour and other fashion designs, the hidden camera is made almost invisible to quick onlookers. The trick here is to make the jacket hidden camera blend perfectly into any environment. While it is hidden from the eye of those being spied, it is not hidden from taking the images appropriately. It can be easily customized to fit any application and security needs.

Wired monochrome wall clock hidden camera

A wall clock is used in many places such as an office environment, residential environment, school setting or even a warehouse setting. Mounting a hidden surveillance camera on a wall clock would therefore allow you to monitor people without raising any attention.

On the USB computer speakers

This is ideal for office use. You can use this kind of a camera when you want to record conversations held in your office. This could be to keep an eye on what goes on in the office when you are not there or to keep records of your meetings.

On the ceiling

Such cameras are designed in a special way so that they can be able to record clear footages even in dark rooms. They are intelligently mounted on the ceiling such that the ceiling design camouflages the camera.
These cameras can be fitted with a hidden DVR-Self-contained PIR sensor. This sensor has everything needed to monitor a room, all hidden within it. Video is stored on the internal memory which can be expanded with a removable SD card such that it fits your needs. The best of the cameras that utilize this idea have motion sensing systems which trigger recording every time there is some motion within the coverage area. Some also come with a remote control system for more flexibility.

On a screw

Think of a surveillance camera that is fitted on a screw. Perhaps this would be the last place you would expect a surveillance camera to be mounted. This idea is not only easy to use but also ideal when you have wired cameras.

With the quickly advancing technology, all the crazy ideas of hiding covert cameras have come up. These ideas are not only being used when setting up security cameras but also by parents who would like to use a nanny cam to trace the movements of their children. The ideas have also helped nature lovers a great deal since they can now set up a wildlife camera without destructing the animals or attracting people who may steal the equipment.

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